Saturday, April 18, 2020

Next Seed Distribution is Saturday, April 25, 9-10 am

White Bear Lake Seed Library Seed Distribution Plan
Due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 virus and the closure or limited operation of the Ramsey County libraries, the Seed Library seeds are at my house. When it becomes possible, the seeds will be put back in the White Bear Lake library. During the interim, I will provide seeds via seed distribution pickup days so you can still get seeds from the seed library. Here is how you can get seeds from the Seed Library:
 1. Email me ( a list of seeds you would like, including the common name and variety or scientific name of the plant. Please include your name as a few of your emails don’t have a name attached to them. If the pickup date does not work for you, please suggest alternate dates/times. The more alternates you suggest the more likely you will get your seeds. It would be helpful to include a phone number so if I need to contact you close to the pickup time, I could do so. Or for that matter, if you haven’t showed up and need another reminder!
The next seed pickup is Saturday April 25 from 9-10 am at the White Bear Lake library parking lot. You must have your order to me by 7 pm Friday April 24 if you want this pickup date.
I have made several lists of seeds that are available in the seed library and posted these lists on the blog site:
The lists are updated regularly, so please check them before selecting your seeds. As I do not maintain a digital database of currently available seeds this is just a bare bones list, containing the plant name and maybe a word or two about its characteristics. Our seed varieties change from year to year as well as quantities change on a daily basis, so it would be very time consuming to have a web based inventory.  Though, I would support anyone who would like to volunteer to set this up.
You can search the internet to find more information about each variety. I know this isn’t as convenient as paging through the catalog, but this is what we have right now. If you have any questions or problems selecting seeds, please send me an email.
 Refer to these seed library blog posts:
You can also go to the blog site and on the right hand side is ‘Blog Archive’. Look under the month ‘March’ for the blog post labeled ‘Tomato Seeds in Seed Library’, etc. to find the lists.
 2. I will get your seed packets and put them in a paper bag with your name on it. Note that I will wash my hands before packaging your seeds. No one else beside me will touch your seed packets or the bag they are in. I will send you a confirmation email so you know your seeds are ready for pickup.
 3. On the pickup date I will be at the White Bear Lake library parking lot where you can pick up your bag of seeds. Please stay at least 6 feet away from me or anyone else who is picking up seeds. At the parking lot, you may wish to open your trunk, stand back to allow me to place your bag of seeds inside the trunk. Then I will move away and you can close your trunk. Or you can pick up your own bag of seeds. They will be placed in alphabetical order on the grassy area by the little garden next to the parking lot.
Note: The seed drawers and the seed catalogs will NOT be at the pickup. I have no way to sanitize these items between people. You must tell me ahead of time what seeds you want.

Enjoy Nature. Be outside.

Contact info for the Seed Library:

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