Sunday, April 26, 2020

Available Vegetable, Herb and Flower Seeds

Beans: (approx. 24 seeds per packet)
Bountiful – bush bean, 45-50 days
Mayflower – pole bean, 95 days

Arugula – green, 40 days
Endive – Green Cured, 70 days
Green Oakleaf – green, 50 days
Rogue d’Hiver, red, 70 days

Peas:  (approx. 24 seeds per packet)
Extra Early Little Marvel – shelling pea, 58-63 days

Banana – sweet pepper, yellow, 60 days
Serrano – hot
Thai – hot

Other Veggies:
Asian Greens – Tatsoi, 21-45 days
Cabbage – Brunswick, Early Jersey Wakefield
Carrot – St. Valery, Red Core Chantenay, Touchon
Chard – Red Rhubarb
Cress - Belle Island
Cucumber – Russian Pickling, Mexican Sour Gherkin, Lemon, Hmong Red
Gourd - Luffa
Kohlrabi – Blauer Speck
Melon – PMR Delicious, Hearts of Gold
Okra – Clemson Spineless
Pak Choy – Hong Tae
Radish – White Icicle, Philadelphia White Root, Chinese Red Meat,
D’Avignon, Sparkler White top, Chinese Green Luobo
Tomatillos – Grande Rio Verde, Aunt Molly’s, Green
Turnip – Purple Top White Globe

Basil – Cinnamon
Garlic Chives
Parsley – Moss Curled, Italian Giant
Parsley Root
Salad Burnett

Annual Flowers:
Amaranth - Plainsman
Angel Trumpet
Bachelor Button
Bee’s Friend
Cosmos – yellow to tangerine in color
Dahlia – Coltness, Mixed
Clasping Coneflower
Korean Angelica
Marigold – Snowdrift (white), Disco Marietta, yellow, orange
Morning Glory – Milky Way, Grandpa Ott
Nasturtium – Purple Emperor
Ornamental peppers
Poppy – double pink, red
Runner Bean –Scarlet

Perennial Flowers:
Baptisia/False Indigo
Blanket Flower – Arizona Sun
Balloon Flower
Foxglove - purple
Lily – Blackberry
Obedient Plant – white

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