Monday, November 12, 2018

Seed Library Talk -- How to Make "Black Gold"

The next Seed Library Talk is Tomorrow!

Tuesday, Nov 13 at the White Bear Lake Library at 6:30pm.
The subject--How to do magic and make "Black Gold"  aka Compost!

Not only does it cure bad soil, but it improves any kind of soil--rocky, sandy, clay, silt, you have it, compost will fix it.
It's easy to do, cheap and it's like working magic. Take table scraps or leaves or any plant matter and turn it into something that will grow great vegetables and flowers.
I'll give some tips about making some of the richest stuff on earth, but I'm hoping other gardeners will come to add their tips and tricks as well.

Also, for those interested I'll give a brief info talk on how to start native plant seeds now. By the way, now is the best time!

Even if you don't know much about gardening, come enjoy the conversation with other gardeners!

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