Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Gentle Plea for Chaos book review

A Gentle Plea for Chaos
by Mirabel Osler, republished in 2011

I received this book review from one of the Seed Library volunteers-

"It was written in the 1990's, so not new and not ancient! It is just a nice read, particularly in the late winter when you might be wishing you could be gardening! It is not a how-to, but would give some readers good ideas.The writer has a large plot of land and her focus is on flowers and trees."

Synopsis from Amazon:
" In this book the author describes the way her garden evolved and how, without meaning to do so, she let it take over her life. She suggests moving away from planning, regimentation and gardening with the mentality of a stamp-collector. Frequently funny and always stimulating, she writes of the alchemy of gardens, of the 19th-century plant-collectors and plant illustrators and of the gardening philosophers, all fertilizing great thoughts along with their hollyhocks."

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